A long time ago, a diamond was born in a cave, deep in a hillside. He was not particularly beautiful, somewhat rough like the rest of his family. It was dark in the hillside, but that didn’t bother him and he was content with his life. He had heard tales about how some of his ancestors had left the darkness to go to a place of light, but that didn’t concern him.

 One day he heard noises in the distance. It was the sound of machinery with which men were boring into the hillside. As time passed an opening was made in the cave where he lived. One day a man came into the cave, he was limping and in pain. The diamond learned that this man had been hurt while working and was worried that he would not be able to support his family. As he heard this the diamond shed a tear. Suddenly the diamond felt himself being dislodged from the place where he had been born, loaded on to a truck and carted away. Once he was outside of his cave, the light worried him. It was too bright and intense and he kept trying to roll somewhere dark, like the cave where he had lived all his life.

 Over the next few days he was carried here and there; he never knew exactly where he was or where he was going. One day, a beautiful woman picked him up. She smiled at him and said, “You are afraid of the light, aren’t you?”. “Yes,” said the diamond, “I am a child of darkness.” She smiled again and said she understood, but told him that he was going to have a ‘Light Bath’.  At first the diamond was afraid, but as the light began to pour over him he felt a great sense of relief. The women told him, “Now not only can you enjoy the light, but you will have the ability to reflect the light to others.”

 The woman handed him over to the gem cutter. Although it was a bit painful, he could see that with every small edge that was removed he was able to reflect more and more light. Finally he was given a polish and then mounted on a ring and sent to an expensive jewellery shop.  After a little while, a posh lady came into the shop, saw the ring and thought “This diamond is bigger than my friend’s,” When she bought the ring, the diamond shed another tear at the way this woman was thinking.  A long time after, this same woman walked into another store to buy more things to impress her friends. It was a Charity shop where everything had been donated to help the poor. She wondered why people would donate such nice things. It was just has she had this thought, that she saw a sign on a box on the counter which said, “For Christ’s poor everywhere.” Something very strange happened to her at this moment. Exactly what is uncertain, but she took off the ring and placed it in the donation box. At the end of that day when the shop was closing, the shopkeeper was very surprised to find the ring. He took the diamond ring and placed it on display in a beautiful velvet box. It was not long before a young man, head over heels in love with his fiancée, came to the store. He saw the ring and knew immediately that this was the ring that he wanted for his true love. He bought the ring and all the money went to the poor. When the diamond realized what had happened, his tears were dried and he gave thanks for his ability to share his light with others.


(Let your light shine before men)

John R


1 Comment

  1. makingcamp said,

    March 28, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    great story, nice illustration, this will be a great story to tell and share. Thanks for sharing it. -Bill

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