Out of the blue, the other night, my daughter asked me if putting ‘Conkers’ on window sills and around doorways, would keep spiders out?. She asked, because, with a lot of other people, she is aware that there will be large numbers of them around this Autumn. The cool, damp summer has been ideal for their breeding and a ‘population explosion’ is the result.

Reading the “Spider Sentinel”, a newspaper devoted to all things ‘Spidery’, I find articles about new housing developments springing up in many areas and ‘Agony Columns’ devoted to answering problems. such as, “Squishy of Shoreham wants to know”. A more learned article was entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Archnids”.  According to  last weeks ‘Daily Telegraph’, (You can buy that one) The Royal Society of Chemistry is asking folk to submit well document evidence on the Conker – Spider debate.

Arachnids are a class (Arachnida) of joint-legged invertebrate animals. The term Arachnids is derived from the Greek word, Aranche, meaning Spider. There are over 100,000 named specie that includes spiders, scorpions, ticks and mites. (Wikipedia)

That may or not be useful information, but the immediate problem is, What do you do about it when you go into your lounge one morning and find that you have been given a new set of lace curtains?. If you suffer from ARACHNOPHOBIA  and are already thinking “I don’t want to read any more of this”, then, Goodbye!  A man, Robert Bruce, drew inspiration from the creatures and what would the Internet be without them?.

( Picture censored by “WordPress”. Unsuitable for inclusion before the  9 o’clock ‘watershed’).

There are devices called, Sonic Repellent machines that emit a noise on a frequency that Spiders cannot live with, ( To them it is like someone tuning into ‘Classic FM’ at a pop Concert. A less expensive way is to purchase a high quality aerosol insect repellant and spray frequently around window frames, doorways and round the edges of rooms. Spiders have a distinct aversion to some types of citrus flavoured smells. Hair spray is useful for close combat (It works like a Tazer) Alternatively you could set up  watch with a shotgun and blast them away.

Spiders don’t get a very positive ‘press’ in the Bible. (You feared this was coming, didn’t you? ). When they are referred to, it is usually in a negative sense. There are 3 mentions of them , all in the OT. (To check that, you will have to use the KJB , as more modern translation sometimes  put ‘Lizards’ instead of Spiders.) Perhaps the most interesting reference is in Proverbs ( 30; 28). In the verses immediately before this, the writer has been speaking of Badgers and Locusts. His point was that these creatures are not very large or powerful but they are very successful at what they do, because they act wisely and use their talents well. The spider weaves a beautiful and complex web, using resources from its own body. It then uses it’s ‘tiny hands’ to grasp its prey and ……… Ugh!. Even the king’s palace is infested with the ‘little and LARGE critters’. The prophet, Isaiah, uses the spider to teach an important lesson, which I will leave you to discern for the benefit of your ‘immortal soul’ 

“To lift the spiders curse,
simple recite a Bible verse”
(Homer. in “The Simpsons” )
Thou sorrow, venom elf:
Is this thy play,
To spin a web out of thyself
To catch a fly?
But why?
(Edward Taylor)

John R